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Arctic Charr depending upon where they live, have a body that is mostly bluish-silver in color, with a pale-cream bottom area, while some others tend to be more greenish-bronze in color over the main and upper body area, with a reddish bottom, living in fresh water or salt water has a great deal to do with the Arctic Charr's color, as they can live just fine in both fresh water or salt water. Arctic Charr live in the oceans, adidas originals coastal waters and numerous lakes and other bodies of water. Ice fishing is a great way to catch Arctic Charr, you can either use tip-ups or a jigging rod. Anglers often bait their jigs with a piece of cut fish bait, such as a shad, herring, sucker, large minnow or some other bait fish.

In the wild, Arctic Char love to feed on crayfish and shrimp and even snails, adidas mens shoes so you may want to try some of these as bait when fishing for them. Arctic Charr also act at times like a bass, so don't be afraid of trying a spinner, spoon, streamer or other such bass lure, especial when fishing for them on a boat, with a fishing pole. Arctic Charr meat or flesh, is very pink-red in color, and is very tasty, making it a prized catch for many fishermen. Arctic Charr is prepared and cooked in numerous ways, such as the conventional frying or baking, steamed, or even smoked and dried like salmon. There is a website that describes Arctic Charr and numerous other fish caught throughout the USA.

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